In Serata Hall, at old street roundabout, we have our own on-site bakery,
tiny tower bakery

Every day we make our bread, cakes, pastries and pizza dough. Our bakers also make the bread for our other bars in Hackney and Brixton.

Orders can be taken in advance for our breads and pastries, just give us 24 hours notice.


We like to make things ourselves rather than buy them in. It’s better quality for our customers, we know what has gone into our food, our team learn new skills and it’s fun. Every day we make our pizza dough, our pasta and our pestos. We make sherbets, bitters and cordials for our cocktails. We also make our own gin. We have a gin still in each of our bars and our distiller Jack makes our small batch gin. So we thought it would be good to make our own bread too.
Welcome to Tiny Tower Bakery.


Tiny Tower Bakery
Serata Hall,
207 Old Street,
London EC1Y 9NR

Underground Old Street - Exit 4

We are open from 7am everyday

Want to make an order Contact us on 0203 146 2124 to order our breads and pastries in advance, just give us 24 hours notice.